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Local teamsters acquitted in Boston's Top Chef case

Four teamsters were found not guilty on all charges

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August 16, 2017 - 9:08 am

Four members of the Boston Teamsters union, who were on trial for conspiracy and attempted extortion in relation to a production of the Food Network program "Top Chef", were acquitted and found not guilty on all chages on Tuesday. Prosecutors, who claimed that the accused used "thuggish tactics" including threatening host Padma Lakshmi, tried to paint the union as extorting wages from the production for unwanted services. "Top Chef" and it's Boston location shoot were a non-union production which allegedly angered the Teamsters.



The defense argued that no violent or aggressive behavior actually happened, and that the union was merely engaging in a peaceful picketing of the non-union production. "These gentlemen were executing their right to protest in favor of real jobs for union workers"

Prosecutors say that the picketing was riddled with racial and homophobic remarks and caused at least one location to drop their participation in the show.

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