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Health Care coming up for a Senate vote

Can Mitch McConnell make the impossible happen?

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July 13, 2017 - 7:55 am

With Mitch McConnell announcing that Thursday was his target date for a health care vote in the Senate, and President Trump insisting that McConnell can get it done (and he'll be angry if he doesn't), it seems like everything could potentially come to a head this morning in Washington.

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky has already signaled that he will vote no because the bill isn't conservative enough. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine has signaled that she will vote not because the bill is too conservative. With upwards of ten other Republican senators unwilling to confirm that they will vote for the bill, and all 48 Democratic senators in lock-step as a no vote, questions have arisen as to whether McConnell will even have the support to bring a vote to the floor of the Senate. 

The bill in its current form is expected to keep most of the medicaid cuts that were originally proposed, but does have some added relief funding for opiate addiction and other items which McConnell hopes will bring some of the wavering senators back into the fold.

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