06/06/2008 - 5:26pm
The media is going to harp on Barack's problem with women.

"I don't know if it will be neat and easy," said Simon Rosenberg, who heads NDN
- formerly the New Democrat Network - a powerful party advocacy group based in
Washington. "He'll have to work hard, and there needs to be enthusiastic
outreach to the Clinton base. It's not an automatic."

So what are women going to do, vote for Bob Barr?

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who was a high-profile supporter of the
New York senator in the snows of Iowa and small towns in Indiana, spoke Thursday
of the sensitivity required in the coming days as her followers - some of whom
dedicated more than a year to her cause - come to grips with reality.
"Everyone's going through a mourning phase ... it's going to take some time," he

I'm afraid it's going to be a year that is just filled with this sort of sensitivity. I can see liberals gathered at Starbucks for their weekly Hillary Anonomous meetings so they can share their pain over a Latte.

06/06/2008 - 5:24pm
John Edwards says he's not going to be veepee either. Thank God!
"I already had the privilege of running for vice president in 2004, and I won't
do it again," Edwards was quoted by El Mundo as saying. El Pais, the country's
other leading daily, carried similar comments.

The bad news is, it is widely believed that if Obama wins the presidency, he plans to create a new cabinet position for Edwards - Secretary of Poverty Pandering.
Edwards, a former senator from North Carolina, was quoted by El Mundo as saying
he would do anything possible to help the Obama campaign other than joining the

Would that include tearing down the mansion?
"Well, almost anything."
06/06/2008 - 5:01pm
I have often railed against the lies told by both Barack and Hillary with regard to Iraq, and their promise to withdraw troops, on a predetermined schedule, without regard for what is happening on the ground.

Obviously, no responsible candidate would commit to such a thing and mean it. But the moonbats who are the core of the Democratic Party are stupid with anti-war zeal, so their candidates tried to out-lie each other in order to win votes.

Now that the general election is approaching, more rational voters are becoming part of the process, and Barack is owning up to his lies.
Confronted with his statements on withdrawal policy, Obama replied, "Well, you
know, I'd never say there's 'nothing' or 'never' or 'no way' in which I'd change
my mind."

Okay, moonbats - how does it feel to be lied at by the Savior in charge of the new kind of politics?
"Obviously, I'm open to the facts and to reason. And there's no doubt that we've
seen significant improvements in security on the ground in Iraq. And our troops,
and Gen [David] Petraeus, deserve enormous credit for that," he added.

Wow. He sounds alot like the Republican nominee, doesn't he?
"And in terms of long-term strategy, I am absolutely convinced that the best thing we can do is to set a clear timetable, tell the Iraqis we are going to start pulling out and do it in a careful fashion," he said.

Ah, he wants to set a timetable, but not follow the timetable. Now we get it. I wonder if moveon.org is impressed with this revision to his anti-war stance.

But Barack was always an anti-war fraud - admired for having spoken out against the war when he had no influence, he's done nothing to work toward its end since arriving in Washington 3 years ago.
06/06/2008 - 2:01pm
Here's one of the more powerful bits of fan mail I've received regarding the blog, and explaining why Barack would be a great President:

dear todd,

you're speech about barack is absolute crap.. the most you had on him
was that he was willing to listen to everyone, and take in everyones ideas and

YOU are a fascist prick, who should use the gun you probably have under
your pillow at night on yourself. You live in fear, because YOU are what is
wrong with america! I hope you sleep well at night, because Karma will take care
of you.

yours sincerely

PS, do you actually like bush running your country? Barack
is better then any other candidate there. you want mcain in? who wants to get
rid of abortion, and pro gun and iraq? YOu are the bad man... and might i add if
'bad man' is the only way you can describe barack, you must be the most
unintelligent ignorant person alive. get some vocabulary lessons douche bag.

06/06/2008 - 1:31pm
George W. Bush became president on the strength of Latino voters who favored him by surprising margins. In 2000, he received about a third of their votes, and in 2004 that number is generally seen as having jumped to somewhere in the forty per cent range (there is some debate about the accuracy of these estimates.)

So how does John McCain do with hispanic voters? You'd think about as well as Bush, since McCain's sell-out America stance on immigration can be viewed as a pander to that community. Gallup has the numbers.
A new Gallup Poll summary of surveys taken in May shows Obama winning 62% of
Latino registered voters nationwide, compared with just 29% for McCain. Others
have found a wide gap as well.
What happened?
The numbers suggest that McCain's image has suffered after a competitive GOP
primary in which he renounced some of the moderate views on immigration popular
among many Latinos.
Getting back to the VP search, consider the implications of the hispanic battleground.
(New Mexico Governor Bill) Richardson said he was in Los Angeles on Tuesday recruiting local Latino actors and comics to serve as surrogates for Obama. It is part of an effort to paint the Illinois senator, who was born in Hawaii and had an African father, as someone who can relate to the immigrant experience. The personal approach is a departure from past Democrats who focused primarily on issue-based appeals.
06/06/2008 - 1:10pm
A shrewd move by Barack to meet with Hillzo last night to take the air out of the big Hillary balloon.

"Senator Clinton and Senator Obama met tonight and had a productive discussion
about the important work that needs to be done to succeed in November," their
camps said in joint statement.
With her flight grounded, he can go about his business of trying to pick a running mate, etc, without the focus being on whether she is going to be the veep.

Did he tell her to forget about being VP?

"While Senator Clinton has made clear throughout this process that she will do
whatever she can to elect a Democrat to the White House, she is not seeking the
vice presidency, and no one speaks for her but her," said spokesman Phil Singer.
"The choice here is Senator Obama's and his alone to make."
George Will is amongst those who think the idea of them sharing the ticket is dumb.
Obama's choice of a running mate will be the first important decision he makes
with the whole country watching, so it will be a momentous act of
self-definition. If he chooses her, it will be an act of self-diminishment,
especially now that some of her acolytes are aggressively suggesting that some
unwritten rule of American politics stipulates that anyone who finishes a strong
second in the nomination contest is entitled to second place on the ticket.

But I think he will be so diminshed by his own resume, as America gets to know him, that he's going to need the media distracted. The black/woman storyline would keep them busy writing nonsense all summer.

Obviously, Barack doesn't view his future with as much pessimism as I do, and with Hillary grounded, things can move on to the next phase.
06/05/2008 - 6:30pm
Is Barack opposed to the idea of Hillary as VP?
In an indication that he was preparing to snub her for the vice-presidential nomination, Obama confirmed he is commissioning three prominent Democrats to vet potential candidates. They are Caroline Kennedy, a member of one of America's most prominent political families and an early Obama supporter; Jim Johnson, a Democratic businessman; and Eric Holder, a deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration.
I think he's crazy not to pick her (see previous post), but others disagree.
"I think it would be the worst mistake that could be made," said Jimmy Carter, who endorsed Obama on Tuesday night. "That would accumulate the negative aspects of both candidates."
Hillary, surprising many, seems to want it.
Another supporter, Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, said he wrote to the Congressional Black Caucus – a grouping of black members of Congress – asking members to push Obama to choose Clinton. He said he had spoken with her on Tuesday and she was "absolutely ready" for the job.
Barack is unelectable without her. Would having her make him viable? I think so. Getting 90% of the black vote, dominating the votes of women and hispanics, and the full-time "Making History" coverage from the media, would make the ticket a winner. John McCain would be forgotten.
06/05/2008 - 12:39pm
See what you think about this comment:

"Barack Obama is running for president in a country where 70 percent of the people are white, and they demand that he align himself to their dominant view."

That statement comes from a political scientist named Ron Walters from the University of Maryland, quoted today in the Washington Post.

And it reminded me of this comment that I read on a blog recently from Professor Boyce Watkins, author of "What If George Bush Were a Black Man?"
I am going to be a team player from this point on. We don’t want to give the Republicans (and Democrats) anymore ammunition by forcing Senator Obama into the embarrassing position of having to denounce yet another black person or group who doesn’t meet the approval of the rest of America.
Watkins seems to feel that Barack's need to separate from Reverend Wright's church is racist, as if the preaching we've seen should be viewed as normal and appropriate for Barack to be involved with, just different.
So, I put together a list of suggested denunciations that can keep Senator Obama out of trouble in this campaign. He’s already denounced several black religious leaders and abandoned his church of the last 20 years, so he might as well get rid of anything else that might keep him from having a chance to receive complete validation from America. Black children should learn a lesson from all this: give up whatever you must in order to become successful.
This perspective strikes me as bizarre, as I expect it does you.

Is he unable to see that in order to be accepted by the dominant culture as president, that it is perfectly normal that the dominant culture see its standards reflected in the candidate? Would a candidate be justified in making claims of prejudice, for example, if his membership in a nudist colony threatened people's perception of him as mainstream? Or if he didn't believe in marriage and lived with his spouse out of wedlock?

It is accepted as a fact of life, and reasonable, that if you want to sell yourself to the majority of the nation, pretty much everything about you must meet the standards of normalcy from the majority. What's confusing about that?

In this case, to make matters clearer, what Barack is separating himself from is what is generally called racism and bigotry. The classification of people based on skin color, and the oversimplification of all of life's problems into something caused by the bad guys (ie, those of another skin color), is supposed to be repulsive to black culture. It certainly is repulsive to the rest of us.

Ironically, skin color oversimplification is practiced in the black church as a therapy even while white culture is required to tiptoe around race issues for fear of being labeled racist for making reasonable comments.

Just because it may be your church and your people, Professor Watkins, doesn't mean it isn't racist and it doesn't mean it shouldn't be denounced.

Here's one more comment for you to consider:
"If a politician wants to move up in government, they can come to church and jump and shout, but it is not okay to go to church where they are speaking truth to power and talking about racism, sexism and capitalism."
That one is from The Rev. Barbara Reynolds, a Howard University School of Divinity lecturer and friend of Jeremiah Wright.

Apparently, there was no jumping and shouting in the cases of Wright and Pfleger, just "speaking truth to power."

There is a gulf between black and white culture, no doubt. They're anger and frustration is so big, it appears, that racism and bigotry are the favored tools for coping with racism and bigotry. How can they not think this would be upsetting to those who are accused of racism and bigotry?
06/05/2008 - 6:14am
The Kennedy Hustle is the favorite dance of the Obama Kampaign. They're convinced that they can trick the country into thinking that he's the offspring of Bobby and Jack, and who can say they're wrong? Now they've tapped Caroline Kennedy to serve on the Vice Presidential search committee.
In addition to President John F. Kennedy's daughter, former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and Jim Johnson, former CEO of Fannie Mae, will lead the search for a running mate, Burton said.
How dumb are the educated elite moonbats who are so passionate about Barack's candidacy that they would fall for such an silly ploy? Check out this comment posted on the Chicago Tribune's blog:
I am so excited about him (Barack) winnning. I am 65 and I am so happy that what we at our age did and saw go down in the d 60's and who felt so guilty when Reagan became Pres. and so much went down the drain has been relieved somehow.
Caroline will get them going, no question.
06/05/2008 - 3:50am
Let's Make A Deal!

Hillary's going to announce her departure from the race on Saturday.
Mrs Clinton has still not admitted in public that she lost the contest, but on Saturday she will do so "and express her support for Senator Obama".
I think there's a good chance this means that a deal has been made for Hillary to accept the VP position. As much as Barack must hate the idea, the excitement and explosion of media swooning this would ignite might give him a chance to beat McCain.

The BBC's Jane O'Brien in Washington says that as Mr Obama was claiming victory, Hillary Clinton stunned even her own supporters with a speech that offered no indication that she was giving up.

There is speculation that the delay in conceding was an attempt to position herself as a possible vice-president, our correspondent adds.

Hillary loses nothing strategically in terms of her goal to become President. If they lose, she runs in four years, an opportunity that she would have more than earned. If they win, she has to serve as VP, but is well positioned for her own run if she's got the stuff at age 69.

As much as the media dies over the "groundbreaking" silliness, imagine the free ride they'd get as a double whammy - a first black, first woman twofer.
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