Zimmerman Granted Bail of $150K

George Zimmerman had his bail set at $150,000 during his hearing today, meaning after posting a 10% bond and offering collateral for roughly the $150,000 amount, he'll be let out under strict terms.

Zimmerman also unexpectedly took the stand in court Friday during his bond hearing, causing gasps in the courtroom, and told Trayvon’s parents he is sorry for their loss. He spoke, almost two hours into the hearing in Sanford, telling the court that his statement was for “the mother and the father.”

On Friday, ABC News also published what it said was an exclusive photo taken three minutes after Zimmerman shot Trayvon, showing the back of Zimmerman’s head with blood trickling down. Zimmerman has claimed self-defense in the case.

It's not clear when he'll be released, assuming the family has the assets to make bond, but it's expected that will take a few days.