Yes We Can Stunner: GOP Takes Weiner Seat

In a stunning upset reminiscent of Scott Brown's 2009 senate win and in a huge blow to the president, Republican Bob Turner won the special election for Anthony Weiner's seat in New York - winning by a margin of about eight points.

The Republican, Bob Turner, a retired cable television executive, defeated Assemblyman David I. Weprin, the scion of a prominent Democratic family in Queens, in a nationally watched special election.

“I am a registered Democrat, I have always been a registered Democrat, I come from a family of Democrats — and I hate to say this, I voted Republican,” said Linda Goldberg, 61, after casting her ballot in Queens. “I need to send a message to the president that he’s not doing a very good job. Our economy is horrible. People are scared.”

If they're angry now, imagine how voters are going to feel after another year of 9% unemployment.

Mr. Turner will become the first Republican since 1920 elected to represent the Ninth Congressional District, which now stretches from the Rockaways to Forest Hills and encompasses a swath of middle-class and working-class neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens. The district is predominantly white and has long been known for its large Jewish population, though it has become increasingly diverse in recent years.