Wrong Letterman

How about a debate of the heavyweights! Donald Trump and David Letterman go at it over the mosque. What they, and people like Michael Bloomberg fail to realize, is that freedom of religion is not an absolute right. Further, no one's right to practice Islam is obstructed if this one house of worship is blocked from Ground Zero - especially when their are over 100 mosques in the city of New York.

Bloomberg said blocking the mosque would be handing the terrorists a victory, which is, of course, blatant nonsense. Former Governor George Pataki offers an alternative view, and he nails it when he talks about knowing where the funding for the mosque is coming from.

"This isn't the local community corner mosque," he said. "This is a $100 million, 13-story facility. Where are the funds coming from? We as Americans have a right to know where are the funds coming from? Are they coming from foreign governments? Foreign governments don't have the right, I don't believe, to come and build a facility like this.

Why is this simple point, clearly articulated by Pataki, so hard to grasp for the lofty thinkers like Bloomberg and Obama... or even for more ordinary minds like Letterman's?