Why Obama Voters Aren't "Fired Up, Ready to Go!"

Liberal writers Mark Halperin and John Heileman explain why Democrats are pushing disinformation on GOP fundraising - you know, all that complaining about secret donors - in an appearance on the Today Show this morning.

LAUER: You think this is frustration? You're spending all this money and you don't have a lot to show for it in the polls, so we might as well blame them for spending too much?

JOHN HEILEMANN: Yeah I think that's true and I also think they're trying to script a narrative for what is likely to be a bad outcome for them on, on November 2nd, so they can look up and say, "You know, we lost largely because of this influx of, of largely secret money, of foreign money." They're trying to lay an excuse in, in advance.

Heileman also blames the lack of excitement on the part of Obama's base for this election on the fact that the president isn't liberal enough. Really!

HALPERIN: Well it's not a presidential race. You don't have the same dynamics in, in an off-year. And also the President was a great brand in 2008. People were fired up and ready to go about him and what he represents.

HEILEMANN: I think that's partly true and I think there's also kind of a fundamental confusion about who the President is. A lot of young voters and African-American voters, Hispanic voters thought that he was a progressive champion and they've seen him govern in a more pragmatic, centrist way.

Okay - back to the deception about secret money. Here's a piece from CNN that actually provides a fair analysis of the issue.

ANDERSON COOPER: Well, I mean, is that a fair assessment? Have liberal groups relied on the same trick?

TOM FOREMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Absolutely. The issue here is hypocrisy. Politicians in both parties have cried about the corrupting influence of this secret money, but they rely on it anyway, all the time.

The Campaign Media Analysis Group says outsiders have spent about $200 million on ads backing Republicans in this election but about 100 million backing Democrats.

So the Democrats are getting badly beaten in this contest in terms of the dollars, but they're certainly playing the same game.

What angers Democrats is that they're getting beat in the secret money category, even though they're said to have raised more money overall.