Whose Seat?

It's The People's Seat! Even Rand Paul knows!

During Sunday morning’s debate between the two candidates vying to be the next senator from Kentucky, there was a revealing exchange reminiscent of a pivotal moment in the Massachusetts senate race earlier this year.

Jack Conway, the Democrat, said it was “a tremendous honor to be running for Wendell Ford’s senate seat” and for the seat once held by Henry Clay.

Politicians can be slow learners.

This gave Mr. Conway’s opponent, Rand Paul, the Republican, a perfect opportunity.

“I didn’t know it was Wendell Ford’s seat,” Dr. Paul replied. “I thought it was the people of Kentucky’s seat.”

At the Beverly Republican City Committee's fundraiser yesterday, Scott Brown told the story about meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Palm Restaurant when he first got to Washington. The Shriver's were having a big family dinner, and a couple of them asked Scott where his office was.

I'm in Ted's office, Scott told them, much to their surprise. Maria Shriver acted shocked - you're in Uncle Teddy's office? Arnold leans back in his chair, cigar in hand, and says, "Maria - it's not Uncle Teddy's office - it's the People's office."

Rand Paul and Jack Conway debated Sunday on Fox News Sunday.