Whose in First

Who will succeed Ted Kennedy? The Attorney General of Massachusetts is in the race.
Attorney General Martha Coakley this morning picked up nomination papers to run for the Senate seat of Edward M. Kennedy, becoming the first candidate to throw a hat in the ring for what promises to be a fierce five-month-long race.
Word on the North Shore is that former Lt. Governor Kerry Healey will not be running. If former U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan or former U.S. Senate Candidate Jim Rappaport don't get in, perhaps state senator Scott Brown will be in - he would have little to lose, but would gain in exposure and credibility in the party in preparation for a possible Lt. Governor bid next year.
Coakley's nascent campaign picked up the documents from the secretary of state's elections division. She now needs to gather 10,000 certified voter signatures to qualify for the Dec. 8 Democratic primary. Those signatures must be submitted to city and town election officials for certification by Oct. 20.
On the other hand... the Dems could tear themselves up and turn this into a Republican year in Massachusetts. Marty Meehan, Ed Markey, Mike Capuano, Steve Lynch, and lord knows how many other Dems want to join Martha in the race. It's not often that there's a seat that one can run for without risking a Congressional seat.