Who You Gonna Call?

Howard Dean admits that the November elections will be a disaster for his party if they are a referendum on Democratic rule. Watch as they try to make it about something else.

Democrats, of course, are hoping they can make voters see the elections as a choice between two parties — one that offers a workable agenda and one that clings to discredited ideas. The argument here goes something like this: “Look, we get that the last 18 months haven’t exactly been a day at Disneyland, but seriously, do you really want to put those guys in charge again?”

Republicans, meanwhile, keep talking about the elections as an up-or-down vote on President Obama and the Democratic Congress — which, if polls can be believed, is about as popular as head lice.

Voters are likely to be focused on the bad economy - something the Obama administration should have focused on instead of a tragic health reform measure and a poorly crafted stimulus package.