Who Dat?

The best chance for Democrats to lose a seat in Massachusetts is a toss-up between the North Shore and the South Shore. Up north, in the sixth, Bill Hudak continues to run an aggressive, effective campaign against left of Castro Representative John Tierney.

The campaign committee of Bill Hudak announced today that it has raised $95,696 in total contributions during during the shortened, summer “pre-primary” period. To date, the campaign has raised $577,192, more than any other Republican candidate running for Congress in Massachusetts. Bill Hudak also continues to outpace Congressman John Tierney in contributions from individuals.

Down south, Jeff Perry or former Treasurer Joe Malone are both candidates who have a great chance of beating the Democrat's offering this fall.

Republicans are salivating over the possibility of a House pickup in the Bay State's coastal 10th congressional district, which runs from Quincy, just south of Boston, all the way to the tip of Cape Cod.

Republican State Representative Jeff Perry has a slight lead in the polls over former State treasurer Joe Malone for the Republican nomination.  Malone has been a fixture in Massachusetts politics for two decades.

With the incredible Republican Storm brewing, there are others from the socialist side who are vulnerable. We'll cover it after the primaries on the 14th have the match-ups settled.