Like a White Party

One of the important thing that's been displayed by the Pastor Wright controversy is just how blinded by lust the beautiful people are in their love affair with Barack.

All gagga you silly people are over an ordinary speech that pretended to be about race.

Listen wackos, you want to fix the race problems in this country, here's what you have to do.

1) Never vote for another democrat
Democrats control the schools and the cities, and this is where black anger is nurtured. Democrats get everything they want for the schools, which happens not to include good results, but does include the agenda handed them by their partners in crime, the teachers' unions.

2) Get poor people an education.
The schools which are owned and operated by democrats celebrate diversity, inclusion, mainstreaming, sustainability, secularism, self-esteem, and a plethora of wonderful, good things. They just don't think its very important to educate people. The biggest scandal in modern America is that democrats give high school diplomas to people who can't read and write and speak english. What could be more racist than that?

Educate blacks for a generation or two, and they'll be too busy, too successful, and too savvy to be sitting in church listening to clever entertainers like Jeremiah Wright.

Why was Barack sitting there with all his education? How else does a Harvard educated light skinned black guy raised by two white women gain acceptance in the black community? He obviously doesn't buy into Wright's nonsense - no one believes that.