Like a White Liberal

Interesting analysis on Barack Obama from a man known as the Relentless Liberal. Here's what Jerry Grossman says is troubling about Barack's willingness to sit and listen to Jeremiah Wright disparage America and its white majority for 20 years:

"Obama has proven repeatedly by his actions and his rhetoric that he is a natural conciliator so his failure to try to modify the explosive situation in his church is unsettling. There is a parallel in the way he acted out his undiluted opposition to the Iraq war. Once elected to the U.S. Senate, one would have expected that he would have used his position to advance his deeply held views on this matter of life and death for so many Americans and Iraqis, the way freshman Senator James Webb of Virginia did, as Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and African-American Congressman John Conyers of Michigan do, day by day, bill by bill. Obama did nothing wrong. His votes on Iraq were fine, no complaints there, but he did not seize the initiative, there for the asking, to insist, to dramatize, to demand, to be a center of dissent on Iraq."

Jerome Grossman is a former democratic national committeeman whose devotion to left wing politics includes working closely on anti-war activities with Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden and running the anti-nuclear proliferation agency Council for a Livable World. A real life, certified liberal, who worries about having a nominee who talks a good game but apparently doesn't stand up and fight when his political future is part of the equation. Jerry's nephew is Steve Grossman, who is a major fundraiser and former national party chair for the dems. Jerry is also my uncle.