White House Tourist Meets Michelle, Asks For Directions

Michelle Obama went to the Blue Room yesterday to surprise some tourists. One guy asked her for directions to Ben's Chili Bowl, a famous local haunt which the president has visited.

One guest – holding a large map of the White House – looked confused and Mrs. Obama said that they are currently in the Blue Room – pointing toward the map. Another guest wanted some directions, asking where D.C.'s famous hot dog dive “Ben’s Chili Bowl” is in the city.

“U Street,” Mrs. Obama answered. “They will know,” she added pointing to her aides for a more exact address.

The Sarkozy's went to Ben's when the French president was in town with wife Carla Bruni.

Many student groups came in, and Mrs. Obama asked one teenager, wearing a baseball hat backwards, if he was staying out of trouble.

“No,” he answered outright.

“Okay, alright. At least you’re honest,” she responded with a laugh.