The White House Comes with Settees

Four years ago at this time, Deval Patrick thought being governor was about picking out drapes for the office, shopping a new ride, and taking rides in the helicopter. Now he realizes that being governor is about positioning oneself for the White House.

Governor Deval Patrick announced a sweeping overhaul of the Parole Board yesterday, including the mass resignation of five board members, as he released a devastating review detailing the agency’s missteps in releasing a career criminal who killed a Woburn police officer last month.

Which means instead of trying to figure out how to get bad guys out of jail, the governor is now punishing those who do.

The eagerly awaited review by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security found numerous serious lapses in how the agency handled Domenic Cinelli’s 2008 application for parole, including the failure of employees to inform the board that Cinelli, while using an alias, had assaulted a Chelsea police officer in 1985.

And that means even his own appointees to the Parole Board are out of a job.

“After this review, I cannot say that the Parole Board or parole office did all they could to ensure public safety,’’ Patrick said at a State House press conference. He added, “The public has lost confidence in parole, and I have lost confidence in parole.’’

It took four years, but finally Deval understands what leadership means in America today - posing as presidential material.