When Voters Care

It is a thrill to watch some of the videos coming back of hostile constituents facing down their congressmen over health care and other aspects of the radical Obama agenda, like Cap & Trade. This is Congressman Tim Bishop, a Democrat of New York getting ripped apart.
Particularly rich is when the Congressman says no one is talking about taking over the health care system! It's hard to imagine that such a prickly guy could hold a seat. Congressman Lloyd Doggett wasn't even intending to discuss health care in Austin - this was a regular meeting with constituents.
Arlen Specter faces an angry crowd in Pennsylvania, which isn't the least bit impressed that Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is on hand.
And watch the warmth shown Chris Dodd as he leaves a healthcare event in Hartford - advance to about 3:30 and watch how unpleasant life is for liberals meeting the tax payers.
It warms the heart to see citizens standing up for concept of America. When voters care, Congress gets scared.