Weiner Quits, Gets Harassed

Anthony Weiner held a 2pm press conference to announce that he is quitting congress. Weiner went out the way he deserved - with the sort of hard hitting, obnoxious and over the top approach he took to his time in elective office. 

In keeping with the raucous nature of his tabloid scandal, one person shouted “pervert!” as Weiner read his remarks and shouted such ribald questions as “are you more than seven inches?” There were early reports that the heckler was a Howard Stern staffer.

It was a cringe-inducing end to a sleazy episode that began with a bulging underwear photo that Weiner initially claimed might not be his. Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, was conspicuously missing from his side.

A heckler yelled comments like "bye, bye, pervert," "were you aroused?" and "Are you more than seven inches?"