Weakened House

Why is the White House scared that new documents reveal Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan to be a liberal? Chief CBS Legal Correspondent Jan Crawford was on Face the Nation today, and she expressed her confusion over why they are acting like liberal is a dirty word.

"These documents have her squarely within mainstream liberal thought," Crawford said on the June 6 broadcast of CBS's "Face the Nation."
"She's worried about the conservative Supreme Court undoing rulings that would give a woman a right to an abortion. She's worried about gun rights saying she's not sympathetic to an individual's right to own a handgun. She's concerned about conservative rulings scaling back rights of criminals. That's basic mainstream liberal thought."
But Crawford doesn't see any problem with Kagan's liberalism, and doesn't see why the Obama folks are shaking.
"The White House's reaction to this - to these revelations I think has been astonishing," Crawford continued. "It goes to the week they've had. Their reaction has been to push back so strongly on allegations, as they would put it, that she's a liberal. Like there's something wrong with that, like it's a smear to say their nominee is a liberal."
Crawford gives two reasons for the White House response - either they're too weak for a fight or they understand how unpopular liberalism is.
And I think that suggests one of two things. Number one they're either so weakened right now politically the president's numbers are in the tank, that they just do not want to fight. So they're trying to portray her as something other than what she is. Or number two they think Americans don't want a liberal justice and maybe are more sympathetic to a conservative outlook on the law."
How about both?