We Need More White People!

As the good folks at Carnegie Mellon University prepared for a recent visit by Michelle Obama, the rock star energy was in the air. The gym was packed to the brim with the starry-eyed, educated elite from around Pittsburgh, excited that the next best thing to the Messiah Himself would soon be appearing.

In Barack Obama, much hope is placed. So much hope - for the future of the free world, for the future of America, and for mending the pain of slavery, a pain that lingers in the hearts of every white student of privilege attending our nation's best schools - is placed in his candidacy that what happened next must have been a shock to those in attendance. Some in the crowd must retain enough of their conscious minds to be upset.

For as the Obama advance team put the finishing touches on the media event - all events held by candidates are for the sake of the media first, with the people in attendance mere props in campaign theater - there was concern amongst event organizers over the faces in the crowd.

It seems that too many of those faces located behind the podium where Michelle would be speaking, in clear view of the TV cameras, were the faces of minorities.

“Get me more white people, we need more white people,” one campaign coordinator said to another.

Here's another quote from the story in the school newspaper, the Tartan: "To an Asian girl sitting in the back row, one coordinator said, 'We’re moving you, sorry. It’s going to look so pretty, though.'"

Ah... racist and patronizing in one swift kick - how utterly liberal of them.

Just another reminder about the bold leadership on race that democrats in general, and the Obama campaign specifically, offer on moving toward a color-blind America.

But this attitude among democrats is nothing new.

In post-war America, Democrats have consistently failed to deliver for the black community. In our inner-cities and in our public schools, both of which are domains that democrats oversee with monopoly control, blacks suffer endlessly for their blind devotion to a party that makes no effort to deliver on its promises. As a result, urban life in the United States is marked by rampant violence, lack of economic opportunity, and schools that no liberal of means would allow their kids to visit for an hour, forget about attend.

Somehow, though, democrats aren't laughed at when they claim to be the party that cares about minorities.

What people haven't figured out is that the compassion of democrats is selfish - their caring extends only to what needs to be done to keep democrats winning elections.

Thus, caring about schools really means doing whatever the teachers unions want. And teachers unions don't care about education, they care about keeping teachers employed. Caring about working folks means doing things to strengthen unions, who in turn kickback a portion of their great financial and organizational prowess to the party. Caring about public employees means showering them with pay and benefits well beyond what the market would warrent in order to get their votes. And caring about minorities means offering alms, but never solutions, to their plight. This keeps them permanently dependent on the handouts, and thus beholden to the giver. The obsession that democrats have for the poor and downtrodden has become the worst thing that ever happened to the poor and downtrodden.

For this model to continue to work, minorities must think that the effort to help them is ongoing. Democrats work this trick by yelling and screaming about racism, attacking it at places where it isn't. That way, the minority base never realizes that they are the perpetrators of a system that guarantees permanent bad results for minorities. A system of institutional racism.

Money to help, but no way to get ahead. More money for schools, but never education. Rewarding people for being minority rather than for achieving great things. These are the tools that democrats use to lock up minority votes, while locking minorities in place.

So you can't blame a guy for smiling when the campaign of the first black candidate who will be the nominee of a major party cries out for more white people, for it is white democrats who have kept us focussed on, rather than moving beyond, skin color.

For it tells us the truth about the Obama campaign. That it is a traditional white, liberal, suburban campaign that is a status-quo movement that has no interest in change beyond the power of the brand.

The only change it will achieve is shifting more dollars into the policies that keep minorities in the bondage that democrats perpetuate - the bondage of drugs and violence and ignorance that is foundational to the business plan of the modern democratic party.