We Are the Gases

Could it be that Global Warming killed Michael Jackson?
Michael Jackson was working on a song about climate change in the days before his death, his friend Deepak Chopra has disclosed.
Rather than his upcoming concerts in London, perhaps it was the responsibility of having the future of the planet riding on his receding shoulders that led to Michael's suicide.
The spiritualist and author, who knew the singer for 20 years, said that Jackson had recorded a demo of the track and was drafting the lyrics.
At first, I was excited that the death of Michael might have meant the burying of the song, as well. Alas, that seems not to be the case.
The prospect of unfinished Jackson songs gaining posthumous release will provide some succour to his millions of grieving fans. The King of Pop released his last album, Invincible, in 2001.
Of course! Whatever bit of Michael's sure to be saccharine and contrived save-the-planet effort may exist will be crafted, with the help of other great has-beens, into something that will become as ubiquitous as CO2.