Waxman Pushes Green

Henry Waxman wants more green - including electric cars. Like the exciting new Chevy Volt, already dropping in sales in February, even while Chevy sales overall were up 69%.

GM sold 321 of the new plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in January and 281 in February. The numbers were released shortly after GM announced plans to make the Volt available nationwide by the end of the year.

Nissan's electric vehicle, the Leaf, is also not knocking people dead.


Nissan Leaf sales totaled 87 in January and dropped to 67 for the month of February.


Toyota's Prius, a hybrid that's been on the market for years, had a great February.

While sales of the newest electrified vehicles dropped, Toyota Prius sales rose. Toyota sold 13,539 Priuses in February, up from 10,635 sold in January 2011 and an increase of 69.9 percent from February 2010 sales of 7,968 units.