War Loving Ed Schultz Confronted By Anti-War Writer

It's great to hear the antiwar left tear into people like Ed Schultz, liberals who are supportive of an aggressive US president because Libya is a Democrat's war. Schultz tries to tell Jeremy Scahill of The Nation that the key is President Obama went to the UN for authorization, but Scahill points out huge inconsistencies in this argument.

What's happening in Libya, Scahill says, is a civil war, and the US shouldn't be arming “1,000 or so rebels that don’t have much military training."

But the more important question may be why the US is taking such a different strategy in Libya than we have in Yemen. In his major article in this week's issue of the magazine, “The Dangerous US Game in Yemen,” Scahill explains that for years the US has carried out a covert war within Yemen, and supported an autocratic leader as he repressed his people.

“Do you think we should take out Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president of Yemen, who double deals with Al Qaeda all the time?” asks Scahill. Schultz says that’s "Bush talk," and that Obama has gone through the UN to launch the intervention in Libya. To which Scahill responds: “We're bombing Yemen. When did the president go to the UN to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles in Yemen?”

Scahill also points out the hypocrisy of the the UN test as justifying gung-ho pro-warism from the left when he points out that Bill Clinton didn't get a UN resolution when he took us to Kosovo. Here's a longer copy of the segment, including Ed's vehement pro-war rant in advance of the Scahill interview. Funny stuff.

He didn‘t close Guantanamo.  He‘s doubled down on some of the worst policies of the Bush administration.

This interview is from Wednesday - making it ancient in terms of the speed of events - but it is timeless in terms of what it reveals about the once agonized anti-war crowd's transformation into interventionists.