Walk This Way

The editor of LA Weekly, excited over the court ruling last week overturning the Proposition 8 Gay Marriage vote, is nevertheless shocked over how her fellow liberal journalists let their bias color their coverage.

But I would like to say that despite my personal feelings about the ruling, and having many friends who are so happy about it, and knowing most journalists are happy about the ruling because most journalists in California are liberal Democrats, I do think the media dropped the ball in a very big way by not doing stories on the first day and second day saying this is a major ruling that overturned a voter -- a major voter vote.

So, I do think the media got caught up in their own elation, their happiness for their friends, their happiness for what they believe in, and dropped that story. I was a little shocked. I think it is an example of media bias, despite my own feelings --They need to cover those stories. They can't look like they're totally in the camp of the judge on this. They have to actually cover the news.

Nice to have a journalist owning up to liberal media bias so matter of factly.