Vitter Immigration Ad - Racist?

Louisiana Senator David Vitter has a wonderful ad attacking his opponent for being soft on illegal immigration.

Monday, a long list of groups representing Latinos and other segments of the local population gathered to blast an ad Vitter has been running which attacks his democratic challenger Charlie Melancon as being soft on illegal immigration.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, among others, objects to the the ad, but doesn't dispute its accuracy.

Kathia Duran, Executive Director of the Latino Farmers' Co-Op of Louisiana said, "We are opposed, outraged and embarrassed by what Vitter had done to us."

Others called the ad "racist" and "dehumanizing."

Challenger Charlie Meloncon's campaign also complains about the ads - but not because he thinks they're racist.

Melancon's camp has refuted the ad's content, saying, Melancon has fought to stop illegal immigration and supports more border fencing and a crackdown on businesses which employ illegal immigrants.

That doesn't stop others from going nuts with their hyperbole.

Some even compared Senator Vitter to Hitler. Rafael Saddy says, "He's using the Hispanic community just like Hitler did, to inflict that fear and that is not correct."

Unfortunately, this sort of bomb throwing allows the left to bludgeon free expression without disputing the content of the ad, which accurately highlights the official liberal position of encouraging illegal immigration. They do it to expand the Democrats' base.