The View Panics Again When Told the Truth

Rudy Guiliani defends the idea of Sarah Palin running for president, and reminds The View that Palin is more qualified than Obama was when he ran.

RUDY GIULIANI: ...And how about letting the Republican Party decide? Let her run. If she's as bad as you think, she'll lose. If she can really, if she can really make her case, she will, she will win.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: So, do you think she actually has a case? What is it?

GIULIANI: Yeah, sure she does.

GOLDBERG: I would like, I would like to know what it is.

GIULIANI: I don't want to get you all, you know, down on me, but the reality is she's got a hell of a lot more qualifications than Barack Obama had when he ran for president.

GOP consultant Todd Harris had a similar problem trying to tell Chris Matthews.