Victory Angle

A Tea Party candidate says  she wants to eliminate the Department of Education and Social Security and get the U.S. out of the UN. How does she do in her campaign to grab the GOP nomination to challenge Harry Reid?

Conservative outsider and tea-party pick Sharron Angle handily defeated more established rivals and appeared on track to win the Republican nomination for US Senate in Nevada.
In South Carolina, a female candidate for governor faced unsubstantiated accusations of extramarital sex, but still came out on top.
Nikki Haley brushed aside unproven accusations of extramarital affairs to win a spot in a runoff Tuesday for the GOP nomination for governor, nearly winning the nomination outright.
In Arkansas, unions were said to have spent as much as $10 million to defeat incumbent Democrat Blanche Lincoln for being a centrist who works with Republicans. They were expected to succeed.
But Mrs. Lincoln, recently named chairwoman of the Agriculture Committee, fought back, arguing that outside interest groups were trying to take control of the election away from Arkansas voters. And she was helped by former President Bill Clinton, who campaigned at her side as she emphasized her efforts to find solutions in partisan Washington.
Blanche was in danger of being the third sitting senator to be unseated this campaign year.