Very Un-Cool

Let's take the Global Warming science claims about the demise of the planet at face value for a moment.

If things are really that bad, and a slow reversal of carbon gas production to generally accepted levels is of questionable use, why isn't there a clamor for alternative cooling options. Why are the Al Gore's of the world so eager to shut off the engines of the world?
Can whiter clouds slow global warming?
A grant from Bill Gates is helping researchers explore the possibility that making clouds whiter and more reflective by spraying them with a fine seawater mist could help block the sun's rays and send them back into space.
The natural response would be to say, "ok, if man's activities are contributing to the warming of the planet, what other activities could we engage in to compensate?" Unless, of course, you prefer to hold a club over economic development.
Neukermans says he is working on a conceptual spray mechanism mounted on a fleet of boats in the ocean to lift fine sea salt crystals into the air to increase the number of droplets and the reflectivity in the clouds. Proponents say the research is needed because of society's failure to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which are thought to be causing global warming, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The 2000-09 decade was the warmest since record keeping began in 1880, NOAA reports.
There are many ideas for how to cool the planet, but this sounds like the simplest one yet!
"If the climate starts to change in some severe way you can reach for some of these things," Gates said Thursday. "At best it's an insurance policy."
No, at best, it might be a vital tool in manipulating the temperature back down. And, it would work whether the warming is caused by natural forces, man's activities, or a blend of the two.
Gates called the $300,000 grant "a tiny amount of money." He spoke Thursday at the Newseum in Washington about the need for more research on clean energy to reduce the threat of global warming.
Surely, scientists must be thrilled with the power this would give us to maintain our current economic scheme without succumbing to the bludgeon of climate science!
Critics call the research dangerous.
"The assumption is we can play God with the Earth's ecosystem," says Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth.
Oh. I thought that you're argument, Erich, is that we are already so powerful that we're warming the planet. Playing God.
The solution to global warming is to reduce fossil fuel use and carbon dioxide production, Pica says. "Everything else is just a distraction."
He seems rather dug in, doesn't he? Is that the true spirit of scientific inquiry?