The Velvet Fog is Snippy Deval in Real Life

The love aura disappears when Deval gets to work. For someone who possesses so much carefully crafted niceness when in public, catch him at a natural moment and you'll find he lacks the energy to power up the fog machine. Or maybe it needs time to warm up. Here is his unpleasant response to a reporter who's curious why, in these tough times, some 17 people in the transportation dept got raises as high as 18%.

The increases, averaging about 9 percent, were given between January and April, when the Massachusetts Department of Transportation faced significant budget challenges and widespread criticism for its handling of a crisis set off by a light fixture that fell in a Big Dig tunnel. 

The increases coincided with Governor Deval Patrick’s call for public employee unions to forgo raises and pay more for health care in shared sacrifice to ease budget pressures.

The slickest fraud in politics. Except when he's being himself.