Veiled Threat

Canadians are getting nervous about veiled women.

Canada's Minister of Transportation has ordered an investigation after a recent video showed two veiled women boarding a flight without showing security their faces.

Under Canadian law the identities of all air passengers must be checked, regardless of their religion.

Transport Minister John Baird has ordered a review of airport procedures and, on Tuesday, said anyone, veiled or otherwise, who puts up a fuss at airport security and refuses identity checks, ought to be arrested.

There was another incident in March.

...Naïma Atef Amed filed a complaint with the province’s human rights commission after she was kicked out of a government-funded language class for new immigrants at the CÉGEP de Saint-Laurent in Montreal. The school had demanded that Amed take off her niqab veil, which covers her head and face and leaves only her eyes exposed, for part of the class.

Premier Jean Charest defended the school's decision, saying that people who expect to receive public services must show their face.

In France, and around Europe, there has been a backlash against extreme cover-up.

While the French bill to ban the wearing of burkas and niqabs is continuing to make its way through France's parliament, other European countries including Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium have debated regulating the use of face-covering garments.

Perhaps this rational response from Europe and Canada will calm American socialists in their need to drop the R bomb over concerns here about radical Islam.