Van Jones Warns Left - We'll Get Power Back in 2 Years

There are some members of the left who are very intelligent and very dangerous. You can't listen to them enough.

In one of the more shocking videos of late, Jones seemed to predict civil war in the United States because America will continue to become “less and less economically prosperous” while becoming “more and more ethnically diverse.” As he spoke of our nation becoming more ethnically diverse, his body language communicated that Americans would become more divided.


You will notice that Van Jones isn't driven by a passion for America, the brilliance of it's Founders or the power of it's Constitution. He's interested only in the opposite... the undoing of the American premise that says get the government out of the way so every citizen can pursue his own dreams.

After saying that increased diversity coupled with a bad economy is “not a recipe for common ground; that’s a recipe for a battleground,” Jones went on to say that “opponents” (presumably capitalists) would “attack” and “fear” diversity as economic conditions deteriorate. He cited “immigrants,” “Muslims,” and homosexuals as targets of those “opponents.”

The electoral power of the left is based around a coldhearted plan to steal the resources of the country and redistribute them to those who vote for Democrats. The socialists provide an intellectual premise, a veneer of legitimacy, to their diabolical plan.

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