Van Jones: Now, Traditional Democrat Lies

It used to be that Van Jones was a revolutionary who was honest about his anti-American belief system. Now, as he seeks to go mainstream with his American Dream PAC, he stoops to ordinary Democratic ploys and talking points. Here, he pretends Michele Bachmann is saying that she wants to see unemployment continue to go up.

The only people who should be qualified to serve in our country at any level – at the dog catcher level – should say they’ve put the welfare of ordinary Americans before any political ambitions.

Michele does need to learn to sniff out the traps that some questions contain and be a bit more cautious with her answers. I think she can do that without curbing her appealing straightforwardness. Van Jones, meanwhile, has launched "Rebuild the Dream" with the help of

The American Dream has slipped out of reach for too many people. Van Jones and MoveOn Civic Action are partnering to launch a new campaign to Rebuild the Dream and fight back against right-wing attacks on the middle class. But we'll need everyone standing together for it to happen.

His American Dream rhetoric is a repackaging of the failed union/Democratic partnership that has crushed the fiscal viability of the country.

“You have these cheaper patriots who have taken their wrecking ball agenda,” Jones explained, “painted it red, white and blue and used it to smash down all of the institutions that made America exceptional: unions, public schools, the sense of responsibility among Americans to invest in the country that made their success possible.”