Vacation: over

I'm back from a nice vacation to North Caroline. Sunny with temperatures getting upwards of as much as 77 the last few days, it was a nice break from the cool fall whether we've faced in Boston.
Visit Asheville - it's a very fun town, a nice mix of upscale and 60's retro.
We found a restaurant that we liked so much we had three meals there! It's called Posana. This wonderful cafe overcomes the burdens of offering gluten free beer, organic wine and fair trade coffee, and comes through with creative food at good prices! And the cappuccino is outstanding. Here's a sample from the lunch menu:
Saffron Sea Scallops with sweet corn risotto, snow peas and roasted tomato compote - Featuring local sweet corn and Lake Lure tomatoes.
The day after our first visit to Posana, we were exploring the River Arts District and stumbled upon the Gerard gallery. The artist was doing performance painting at 2pm, so we decided to come back at 2pm to watch him paint. [caption id="attachment_4191" align="alignnone" width="724" caption="Wife Rosalie and step-daughter Kathy get lessons from Gerard"][/caption] We ended up hanging around for a couple of hours as Jonas riffed for the audience - slapping paint on canvas, playing bongos, and sharing life philosophy. The Gerard Gallery brings art to life. Big fun. We also had a good time in Charlotte - the 18th largest city in the country according to Wikipedia - with some nice food experiences and a night in a cool bed and breakfast, the Duke Mansion.
The Duke Mansion has seen good times and bad times over the last 90+ years. Recognizing that right now times are tough, we are rolling back the price of spending the night with us to our 2006 rates – beginning at $179. Come stay with us, and we can ride out the tough times together.
The Duke Mansion, as you might expect, was one of the homes of the famous rich guy. Now, in the inn, you get to imagine what being there might have been like for a lot less than the old fellow spent to provide the room back in the day. I was happy that it wasn't a hundred years ago, me a guest at the mansion, having to pretend to be interested in what the stodgy old self-important bastard might have been talking about over cigars after dinner.
In order to introduce his beloved daughter, Doris, to life in the South, North Carolina entrepreneur James B. "Buck" Duke purchases the home and triples it in size. Renowned Charlotte residential architect C.C. Hook designs the Dukes’ renovation.
But that's just me.