Useless Job

Life for Tim Cahill has been tough enough over the past several weeks, with constant calls for him to give up his run for governor as he has become increasingly viewed as a spoiler. Now, his running mate, former Republican state rep Paul Loscocco, has quit the campaign.

"Our message has not resonated with voters," Loscocco said at a press conference at Baker's South Boston headquarters. "A vote for Tim Cahill is a vote for Deval Patrick. This isn’t about the past. It's about the future.''

Not only did Loscocco quit the race, but he twisted the knife he'd just placed in Tim's back by endorsing Charlie Baker!

Flanked by Loscocco and Tisei, Baker said the endorsement shows that Baker-Tisei ticket has a "ton of momentum'' behind it and that "people [are] realizing and recognizing that we are the best team to turn this state around.''

But Tim's independent campaign has been one of contrivances - a sudden distaste for his longtime party when it became clear that he would not be able to unseat Deval in a primary, pretending to be a Tea Party candidate while also playing Democrat and stealing the unions away from Deval, and staying in the race, pretending to be a contender, long after it became clear he had no chance. Deval's campaign manager responded with the expected campaign snarkiness.

"Today's news is just one more indication that Charlie Baker is a Beacon Hill insider who is more interested in the same back-room deals, and politics as usual that we have worked so hard to change.''

As did the state party.

In a statement, John Walsh, the chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, also lashed out at Baker, calling the endorsement a "back-room deal."

Will Tim leave the race? Maybe, but not yet. For now, Cahill says he doesn't need a running mate.

"I'm disappointed he wouldn't stay and fight until the end," Cahill said, adding that he "didn't need a lieutenant governor to win this race," calling the position a "useless job."

Stay tuned.