Ben Nelson says no.

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) said Monday he would vote against a reconciliation package that included changes to healthcare reform and student lending legislation. Nelson said he opposed the package because the student lending bill would make the federal government the originator of student loans, replacing private lending institutions. Nelson said that would cost 30,000 jobs.
News of Nelson's decision comes on the heels of Blanche Lincoln's announcement that she will vote against the measure.
"The Reconciliation package devised by the House includes matter unrelated to health care and employs a legislative process that wasn't subject to the same transparency and thorough debate that we used in the Senate," she said in prepared remarks. "I cannot support this process."
That leaves Democrats with a fairly comfortable six vote margin for the senate vote.
The Senate needs 51 votes to pass the reconciliation package. So Lincoln's vote is not as crucial as it was to pass the Senate health plan, which needed 60 votes.