That Union Job

Hell No! He won't go!
President-elect Barack Obama and Democrats in the U.S. Senate ratcheted up pressure on disgraced Gov. Rod Blagojevich to resign Wednesday while federal agents fanned out to investigate the details of the Illinois chief executive's alleged shakedown schemes.
Does anyone expect Blago to go without a deal? This is a (fucking) golden opportunity, isn't it?
A day after his arrest on charges he orchestrated a wide-ranging pay-to-play operation to enrich himself, Blagojevich sought to portray an air of normalcy by going to work on his 52nd birthday. But his decision to make a rare visit to his office at the Thompson Center downtown left him dodging news media crowds that swarmed the street outside his North Side home.
Perhaps he'll pick his prison? Negotiate over the length of his sentence! Nothing is beyond the power of Chicago's leading Democrat to negotiate. Fuck them if they think otherwise!
The reverberations from the burgeoning scandal increased in Washington. U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. called a news conference to address revelations that he was the unnamed Senate Candidate 5 mentioned by federal prosecutors as one of the hopefuls Blagojevich allegedly sought to squeeze in a plot to sell the Senate seat vacated by Obama.
Perhaps he'll cooperate with federal prosecutors in return for a light sentence - just imagine the vermine that he can implicate floating around the septic tank of Chicago politics.
But Obama stopped short of endorsing the concept being pushed by leading state lawmakers that would strip Blagojevich of his sole authority to fill the Senate vacancy and authorize a special election for voters to choose Obama's successor. "The president-elect believes that the General Assembly should consider the issue and put in place a process to select a new senator that will have the trust and confidence of the people of Illinois," Obama's office said.
The best card Blago has to play? He can make a deal not to mention Barack Obama's name in any of his testimony. He could still end up with that union job. Nope. Blago's going nowhere just yet.