Union Choice Loses Wisconsin Primary

In an ironic result, the Democrat supported by the unions lost in the Wisconsin recall primary yesterday. The winner was Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who faces off against Republican Scott Walker next month.

Mr. Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee, got the nod from his party after a statewide primary on Tuesday, beating a fellow Democrat, Kathleen Falk, a former Dane County executive who had been seen by some as labor’s preferred candidate.

Since the start of 2011, Mr. Walker has raised more than $25 million. Campaign finance reports released by candidates last week showed that Mr. Walker raised more than $13 million over the past three months alone, dwarfing Mr. Barrett’s $831,000 and Ms. Falk’s $977,000.

With the recall a critical fight for the labor movement, the money should pour in for Barrett as well, and Barrett starts off in a strong position with voters despite his 5 point loss to Walker in their race two years ago.

That advantage, however, was less apparent in a poll conducted last month by Marquette University Law School that showed Mr. Walker and Mr. Barrett essentially tied in a general election matchup.