UC Davis Protesters Tear Gassed

Passive protesters at the University of California Davis are tear gassed in preparation for arrest. The cops appear to be using the gas without cause, but we don't know what happened before the video starts.

Video of a tense standoff between police and Occupy demonstrators at the University of California, Davis shows an officer using pepper spray on a group of protesters who appear to be sitting passively on the ground with their arms interlocked.

Several videos, which were posted on YouTube, were shot Friday as police moved in on a tent encampment on the campus.

In the video, an officer displays a bottle before spraying its contents on the seated protesters in a sweeping motion, walking back and forth.

Most of the protesters have their heads down, but at least one is hit in the face.

Some members of a crowd gathered at the scene scream and cry out, then chant, "Shame on You," as the protesters are arrested. The officers retreat minutes later with helmets on and batons drawn.