The special congressional election in upstate New York is turning out to be a fascinating race, as a conservative candidate threatens to outrun the liberal Republican and, perhaps, win next week's election.
...many national Republicans have abandoned Scozzafava because they see her as too moderate, or even, God forbid, as a liberal. This gives Democrat Owens a chance to win in a district that, in its various configurations, has been Republican since 1871. Amber Withers, reporting for the Palladium-Times of Oswego, cited Palin’s post Thursday night on her Facebook page...  Withers also noted the endorsements of Hoffman from former Republican Sen. and presidential candidate Fred Thompson, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and Steve Forbes, another past Republican presidential contender. But the moderate Republicans will not go down without a fight.
Big money is coming in to make the point that the GOP should be running conservatives, not candidates designed to be competitive by looking like Dems. This, it seems to me, represents a necessary realignment, especially when you look at the revised Gallup numbers on how the nation self-identifies politically.
On the question of political ideology, 40 percent of those surveyed said they were conservative, 36 percent were moderate, and 20 percent liberal.
Let's be proud to be conservative, the majority status of the American people.
The conservative number is as high as it's been in the two decades that Gallup has been asking the question.
The reality is, America is a conservative nation.