Tumbles into the sea...

You want to see a budget out of balance? Check out California's $21 billion deficit. Voters yesterday rejected the Governor's package of reforms.
The only measure they approved in a statewide special election was Proposition 1F, which will prohibit raises to lawmakers and other state elected officials during deficit years.
Sounds like a good start!
Voters rejected all five other measures, including Proposition 1A, the centerpiece of efforts by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and other state leaders to fix California's ongoing fiscal problems. It would have created a state spending cap while prolonging temporary tax increases and also strengthened the state's rainy day fund.
Is it that Californians are determined to avoid facing reality?
Other measures voters rejected would have transferred $460 million over the next two years from mental health programs to help close the state deficit; redirected $1.7 billion from children's programs; allowed $5 billion in borrowing from lottery revenue; and restored more than $9 billion to schools.
They wanted to increase school spending in the face of financial disaster? Now that sounds like California.
Laying off thousands of state employees, reducing the school year by seven days and cutting health care services for tens of thousands of low-income children are among the options. California will need a waiver from the federal government allowing it to make some of those cuts without jeopardizing money from the stimulus package.