TSA Junk Grab Makes Americans Touchy

Remember how horrified Democrats were over the notion that the Bush administration might have been able to find out what book you were reading? Librarians revolted, and liberals loved it! So why are those same liberals now ordering the crotch grab?

John Tyner won't be pheasant hunting in South Dakota with his father-in-law any time soon.

Tyner was simultaneously thrown out of San Diego International Airport on Saturday morning for refusing to submit to a security check and threatened with a civil suit and $10,000 fine if he left.

Mr. Tyner needs to remember the stuff the Bush administration wanted to grab to keep us safe!

Previously, the FBI could only obtain business records from vehicle rental agencies, transport services, storage facilities and similar places. Now, Section 215 allows the government to obtain “any tangible things,” which can include library records, health-care records, logs of Internet service providers and other documents and papers.

Those were scary time, indeed.