Trying to Stop Jeff Perry, Joe Biden Visits Quincy

Joe Biden was in Massachusetts Saturday to help Bill Keating in his race for congress on the South Shore.

Standing next to Keating, the Norfolk district attorney facing Republican Jeffrey Perry in the 10th Congressional District, Biden devoted much of his speech to attacking the GOP for the country’s economic woes, warning that giving them back control of Congress would only derail the fragile recovery.

But he also seemed intent on cheering up his fellow Democrats, whom polls suggest are despondent as an election looms in which the party is widely expected to lose seats.

Biden took aim at Perry and blasted the Republicans’ record on spending.

“How can Perry or the Republican Party talk with a straight face about fiscal responsibility? Give me a break,’’ he said, citing deficits left by Republican presidents. “Next time a Republican talks to you about fiscal responsibility, tell them, ‘Forgive me if I laugh in your face.’ ’’

In a press conference later in the day, Perry hit back at Biden, saying the vice president was trying to distract voters from the Democratic Party’s record since President Obama and Biden took office.