Truth Twister

It's a wonder that Harry Reid ever got elected to any office he's such an infuriating twister of truth.

In the interview, he takes a shot at Martha Coakley, Fox News, and defends the Nebraska Medicare deal. On Massachusetts, "They were afraid we were messing with their health care. Most states have no health care. And the campaign wasn't all health care.
Greta Van Susteren interviews Reid for Fox News, and does a good job of keeping her cool as he portrays up as down and white as black.  Listen as Reid says Scott Brown's win was the fault of Brown opponent Martha Coakley.
VAN SUSTEREN: Coakley? I thought she ran a good campaign. REID: Massachusetts didn't agree. VAN SUSTEREN: She was up 19 points on December 20th. REID: Until she came back from her three week vacation?"
Coakley did run a poor campaign, but it was the sort of poor campaign that, in normal times, would have allowed her to cruise into office. She did take a week off over the holidays, not three weeks. Van Susteren explains that she thinks Coakley was hurt by the Cornhusker Kickback, a special deal made for Nebraska in order to get Ben Nelson's vote for health reform.
VAN SUSTEREN: What happened I think is you met with Senator Ben Nelson and gave the Nebraska deal. In Massachusetts, they were absolutely furious about the Nebraska deal. I think that sunk her. REID: Perhaps. But remember, the Nebraska deal was terrific for our country. Why do I say that? Because now everybody has a Nebraska deal. Every state in the union has the Nebraska deal.
He makes me want to fly out to Nevada and work for his defeat! A feeling which, by the way, Nevada voters seem to share. Even they don't buy his rap on health care.
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey in the state also shows that 62% of Nevada’s voters support repealing the recently passed health care law. That’s a bit higher than support for repeal nationally.
But Reid says he's doing great in the polls.
REID: But we are doing fine. Even the latest polls put out by the newspaper which is -- runs an editorial every other day against me, shows that with the multiple candidates in the race I win the election.
Voters obviously see things differently.
Twenty-three percent (23%) of voters in the state have a very favorable opinion of Reid, up slightly from last month. But 53% view him very unfavorably, up five points over the past month.