Trump Plays Winning Hand on Today

Donald Trump is a player in this presidential election cycle regardless of whether he pursues the presidency seriously. His credibility as a celebrity and businessman give him a stage, and he is channeling the frustration of frustrated voters beautifully.

Meredith Vierra: But do you blame all of this on Barack Obama?
Trump: Well, I blame a lot of it. It's been a terrible presidency.

Trump says he can't announce his candidacy yet because of Celebrity Apprentice.

It's a great show, and it's got phenomenal ratings. And until that show is over, I can't declare, because otherwise NBC would have to take the show off the air.

On his perception that the country is no longer respected because of the president's leadership.

They won't be laughing if I'm president.

Donald is seizing the void left by Governor Christie's absence from the presidential stage. His populist themes are exactly what the country wants to hear, and White House operatives must be sweating bricks.