Trump Holds Presser, Obama Spins

Trump claims victory over the White House in a press conference on the president's birth certificate release from New Hampshire this morning.

The president finally interrupted the Donald to mug for the press and offer a statement on why he's finally released his birth certificate, as the White House apparently decided that character assassination wouldn't be sufficient to quell the controversy.

"Any discussion of [Obama’s] birthplace is a code word," said Jackson. "It calls upon ancient racial fears."

This is how they like to kill the free exchange of ideas.

Jackson added: "Trump has trumpeted this cause. For him to go down this low is a bit surprising. He is now tapping into code-word fears that go far beyond a rational discourse."

But the question from Trump was one the White House just couldn't dodge - phony charges of racism aside - why not put an end to this controversy by releasing your long form birth certificate?

And, a little more race hustle from Jackson.

Jackson also suggested that other recent issues – including the Republicans’ hostility toward public sector unions – are largely a backlash against civil rights progress.

"I'm saying there's a pattern here. It's not just name calling of Barack. We'll win that battle," said Jackson 'There is a retreat-- a pronounced, documented retreat on civil rights enforcement. This is the most personal attacks on any president ever. Whose personal religion has ever been challenged before? That has strong racial overtones."