Truman A-Bomb Decision an Easy One

Did Harry Truman wrestle long and hard over the decision to drop the Big Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? That's what we've long been told. Here, historian Nick Ragone explains the decision as one that Truman made quite easily.

People thought he wrestled with the decision, but he really didn't... he never regretted and he never looked back...

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When an interviewer asked Truman whether the decision was morally difficult to make, he responded, “Hell no, I made it like that,” snapping his fingers.

In fact, Truman never publicly acknowledged doubts or misgivings. When Edward R. Murrow asked him in a 1958 interview if he had any regrets about using the bomb or about any of his other presidential decisions, Truman responded, “Not the slightest--not the slightest in the world.”

Ragone is author of Presidential Leadership: 15 Decisions That Changed the Nation.