Trayvon Surveillance Video Released

Trayvon Martin on surveillance as he bought the infamous bag of skittles a few minutes before he died.

A security video (above) taken by cameras at a 7-11 near the gated community where Martin’s father lived shows him shopping for items, making a purchase, then leaving the store. The video doesn’t give any indication of aggressive behavior on Martin’s part or any preparation for a fight, which could play against the defense’s claims that the teen purposefully, angrily went after Zimmerman.

This bit of information, contained in a collection of new material released Thursday, complicates Zimmerman's self defense claim if it's confirmed by other evidence.

A woman that police interviewed said she could not distinguish who was on top of whom, but after the gunshot one person was holding the other on the ground by pressing on his back. But her friend, who assisted in translating for the eyewitness, was “adamant” that there was no physical fighting taking place when the shot rang out. Both were taken to the police department for more questioning.

The cries of help on the 911 call, identified by Trayvon's father as not being his son, stop only when the gun fired.