Trapped by Democrats

All Republicans should go on the attack against unions in general, and teachers unions specifically, the way the Governor of New Jersey is doing it.

We know that there's over five million children trapped in over ten thousand failing public schools around America, and I use the word trapped and I use it directly.  They are trapped by an educational bureaucracy.  They are trapped by a selfish, self-interested, greedy, school union. That cares more about putting money in their own pockets and in the pockets of members than they care about educating our most vulnerable and needy children around the country. ...50% of those children that we are talking about are in our largest cites and they do not graduate.  50% of the children in the largest cities in America never graduate from high school.  Now in New Jersey, in the city of Newark, We are spending $24,000 per pupil in public money for an absolutely disgraceful public education system, one that should embarrass our entire state, but because my predecessor  was in the pocket of the teachers union <Applause> he was <Applause> I watched it.
The partnership between the labor movement and the Democratic party is destroying the country, and the bad economy is making this visible to the Dems, who need to pay the price for the damage they're doing.
That's why they spent $3 million last fall on negative campaign ads against me because they knew that I was going to stand for one simple thing, one simple thing, our children deserve the very best education they can get no matter who is giving it to them and it should not be restricted to public school teachers when a public school union cares more about how much they are paying for their health insurance than they care about whether about our kids in our cities are graduating, that's disgraceful.
There's the speech. Any candidates who are afraid to step up and say it are reluctant because they're courting the union vote.