Totenberg & Shields Weaken NPR as They Defend

Nina Totenberg defends NPR, puts them right up there with Fox News. Not biased, says Nina, despite biased management. And, thankfully, Krauthammer responds.

I am deeply moved, but I would make two points. Number one, I’m not sure why a steelworker in Pittsburgh has to subsidize that. And number two, in a world of a thousand radio stations, a thousand TV stations, internet, satellite, and everything, if they are going to miss out on “Car Talk,” there will be other ways of getting it. It isn’t as if we are living in a country as we once were with three network news stations and nothing else, which was a reason why we had PBS in the first place.

And some liberal perspective from Mark Shields.

There are 934 public radio stations. A lot of them are in very remote and rural areas and their only source of the kind of information we are talking about. I mean, really, that factual, worldwide, great reporting, and they do not have a lot of deep-pocketed patrons like the upper west side of Manhattan.