Tom Friedman: Average is Over

We've got to fix our education system. That's just one thought I'm struck by after listening to Tom Friedman explain the current malaise.

Because every boss today has access to more cheap automation, cheap software, cheap robotics, cheap labor, and cheap genius than ever before. And as a result, average is over. Average is officially over. We've all got to find our extra, come with something new and extra to the table.

Friedman's argument also shines a spotlight on the destructiveness of the Obama class warfare strategy. It is not a problem that "the rich are getting richer." The problem is that the rest are losing the ability to compete.

And, at the same time, that hyperconnectivity is creating these huge income gaps because if you do have the talent, if you are really, really above average, if you're J.K. Rowling, you know, you can now make more money in a totally connected world than ever before. So it's all wrapped up together in one process.