Tobacco Banned on UMass Campus - Including in Cars!

Nanny Staters on Training Wheels!

The faculty senate of the University of Massachusetts has approved a measure banning the use of any tobacco product on the Amherst campus starting in July 2013. The senate’s 14-to-7 vote Thursday capped a two-year process. The ban has already been approved by the senate’s health council and the Campus Leadership Council, which includes chancellor Robert Holub. The plan would ban tobacco use on any part of the campus, as well as in any vehicle driven on campus.

Smoking has been prohibited indoors since the mid-1980s. The ban was opposed by a group of students, including some nonsmokers, who said the policy violates personal rights and is too hard to enforce. The university will now put together a committee to decide how to administer the policy and to deal with violators.